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We believe in forming long-term relationships.

We have a business setup that works in collaboration with a lot of International suppliers and a set of buyers. We always keep looking for newer business territories as well as business partners. If you have something we can collaborate on, feel free to have a productive discussion with us.

Associated Companies

What do we trade?

We focused on commercialization of Wood Logs from sustainable, certified and commercially managed forests. We work closely with foresters to provide liquidity to their assets and to maximise forest Value.
We are the channel where the cargo of forest goes to sawmillers at our trading platform, so we are looking for more & more collaboration worldwide to provide frequent cargo for them.
We purchase reliable wood logs from Malaysia in regards to hardwood in containers and break bulk shipments. Having association with well known foresters from Uruguay, Argentina and New Zealand for softwood(pine) logs. We Purchasing our maximum capacity and volume from Brazil, Colombia Ecuador, Panama and Ghana for the teak logs, rough square and sawn timber.
We also supply Face Veneers in varieties. We stock unrivalled variants of Gurjan Face Veneer from Indonesia and Burma and Okoume face veneer in multiple grades from Gabon, Africa. As a trader and supplier, we understand the value of quality, service and reliability, therefore, have identified and tied up with the top manufacturers of engineered veneers in the market.

What do we need?

SIPL is always looking for reliable suppliers. No matter whether You are a seller of round logs or lumber or Other wood material - Let us know the following detail about you.