Sawn Timber

SIPL Sawn Timber has a variety of timbers just for your required needs. Furthermore, our valued clients can avail the offered wood in different thickness and sizes as per their requirement.

SIPL is one of India's top sawn timber producers

SIPL sawn Timber/Lumber starts from cutting big wood logs into small ones, whether conversion of logs into sawed lumber involves debarking, sawing into boards or slabs, resawing into thinner boards of varying sizes, edging, crosscutting to square the ends and remove defects, grading according to strength and appearance, and drying. Results in greater strength, stiffness, and density and better prepares the wood for finishing. Preservatives are often applied to protect the wood from deterioration and decay.


Soft wood

Sylvester Pine

European Countries

Radiata Pine

New Zealand & Australia

Elliotis/Taeda pine

Uruguay & Argentina

Spruce (white wood)


Southern yellow pine

North america

Hard wood

Especially imported from Malaysia, Suriname & Solomon.

Teak Wood: as per customer requirement



Brazilian Teak


Panama Teak


Ghana Teak


Ecuador Teak

Costa Rica Teak

Columbia Teak

Areas of application

Construction industry
  • Floor boards
  • Window sills
  • Window and door units and elements
  • Sidings and accessories
  • Wood moldings
  • Roof elements
  • Equipment for sports and playgrounds
  • Bars, beams, strength graded timber
  • Sidewalks
Construction elements
  • Piers
  • Мiles, partitionings
  • Handrails
  • Railway elements
  • Noise control enclosures
  • Formwork for concrete structures
  • Equipment for sports and playgrounds
  • Furniture and elements
  • Park benches and tables
  • Garden furniture und equipment
  • Industrial packaging
  • Cable drums
  • Pallets
  • Containers