Block Boards

Block board: Strong inside, smooth outside.

Exposed to high humidity, these are man-made boards manufactured with special imported pinewood stips which are lighter and do not split or splinter while cutting.

Borer & Termite-proof

Acts as a wall of defence against the wood eating insects. Special glue line protection that ensures mite attack which is quite difficult to remove these once they have already entered your place.

Double Pressed board

Get even thickness from all sides with the help of calibration technology in our manufacturing process. The boards are double pressed which give a smooth finish at the outer surface being stronger, smoother and better.

Power of New Zealand Pine

New Zealand pine is a “super softwood” of the 21st century – one of the most attractive and versatile industrial wood species available in global markets. Its Medium density ensures bending strength, bending stiffness and fastening.




Thickness, mm

19, 20, 25, 30, 35

Size, mm

2440x1220 or customizable

Surface treatment

Calibration, Sanding, ABC-Dipping

Surface veneer

Gurjan, Okoume


Commercial, Moisture resistance, Marine


Pinewood, Hardwood




Easy to craft & lightweight.

Fully waterproof

Endless durability

Termite & borer proof

Calibrated for uniform thickness

Environmentally safe

Suitable for architectural as well as home decor purposes